We have different rate contract with the properties. Usually there are different terms or additional items included for the rates or we have purchased it at a different time. We normally just recommend booking the lowest rate for the same room type.

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It’s a separate tip given to the host at the door. This usually guarantees the table minimum and/or location(if requested).

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The rooms found in are inventory will say whether or not it has 2 beds. Deluxe 2 queens, 2 Double Beds, 2 queen rooms are examples of the rooms with 2 beds. If you book a room type that does not specify if there is 1 bed or 2 beds or “run of house”, we can make a request for 2 beds. Requests are not guaranteed and are based on availability upon check in.

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Most hotel policies only allow the persons listed on the reservation to check in the room. Most hotels will not allow name changes or adding names, you must cancel the reservation and book at the most recent rates. When making a reservation be sure the primary name of the reservation is the person checking in first.

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Standard room. The room type will be assigned upon check in based on availability. Either 1 king or 2 queens. You may put in request for how many beds but it is not guaranteed

Caesars Properties $50 per night additional

Cosmopolitan $56 per night additional

Trump $200 per night additional

Rumor $25 per night additional (Awesome pet package- it comes with a doggy bed and a bowl you get to keep)

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You will initially receive an order receipt of product purchased. You will receive confirmation details from the venue/property usually within 24-48 hours.

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Email reservations@team-kaizen.com with the order confirmation and request to cancel

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Different services have different cancellation policies.

Most hotel reservations have a 7 day cancellation policy, which means you can cancel 7 days or more before check in and receive refund minus a $25 service charge. If you cancel within 7 days you will forfeit the full amount charged to your card.

Some hotel reservations are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cancellable. You will forfeit full amount if you cancel the reservation.

Nightclub/ Dayclub bottle reservations have a 48 hour cancellation policy, you can cancel 48 hours or more before check in to receive refund minus 3% credit card fees. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur a $200 cancellation fee. Failure to show up for the reservation (No shows) will result in forfeit of the total amount. Nightclub holiday and special event reservations are non-refundable.

Limo Reservations have a 48 hour cancellation policy, you can cancel 48 hours or more before time of reservation and receive refund minus $25 service charge. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur forfeit total amount.

Shows, Line Passes and Activites are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cancellable.

Resort fees are mandatory fees you pay at check in. This usually gives you access to fitness center, pool, wifi and other items might be included.

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