Team Kaizen

Las Vegas Resort Fees

Once upon a time in Las Vegas, we used to just worry about the room rate and tax, anything we needed extra was just charged separately and life was good. But the cost of keeping everyone entertained in Sin City came at a high price and now we all have to pay for it for paying […]

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5 weekends to steer clear of Vegas when you’re on a budget

A trip to Vegas can be a $500 weekend or a $5000 depending on when you go. Holiday weekends are extremely pricey, of course, because everyone usually have a long weekend so why not live it up in Vegas. But that extra day would probably will have you back to eating mac and cheese and top […]

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5 Must-Dos for Travellers

Like so many types of people in this world, travellers can be categorized on how well or bad they carry themselves around. There are grumpy, touchy travellers, bored (or boring) travellers, while others are simply the kinds of happy-no-matter-what-happens travellers.  To which category do you think you belong? No matter which type of traveller you […]

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lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe – One of the thing that I’m always longing for are places where you can be in touch with nature. I was feeling some major butterflies in my stomach while I looked at the amazing view of the lake. I had never expected to travel to such an amazing place.  The […]

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my favorite dj

Dear My Favorite DJ

#TBT Favorite DJ Hearing the track "Riverside" all over again puts me back in time-- a one hell of a fun, crazy, wild time. Back in 2010, all I ever wanted was to meet Sidney Samson, I admired his high energy and the way he interacted with his fans. On my birthday, my friends surprised [...]
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When in Paris.

“Chateau Nightclub” Of all the lively, energetic and fun-packed venues throughout The Strip, Las Vegas. Chateau night club have some in relation with the best hip hop music. Those who passion to celebrate birthdays, bachelor / bachelorette parties, Chateau’s reputation so as to giving a well-done entertainment and atmospheric venue, but also upon their rooftop […]

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Enlighten Vegas Experience

Enlighten your Vegas Experience

Enlighten Your Vegas Experience Enlighten your Vegas Experience – there will never be a shortage of entertainment with options of casinos, nightclubs, shows, fine dining, sight-seeing, and shopping. Imagine a 24 hour party. With that said, you are about to embark in a wild adventure. What we do is steer you in the right direction […]

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